Why the Umatilla & Morrow County Service Districts are so Important.

New Service District Means a Stronger 4-H Program:
A new Extension Service district in Umatilla and Morrow Counties will further develop the 4-H Youth Development program which currently helps thousands of youth be successful in school through clubs, after-school activities and events to help them be successful in schools, to prepare them for future science, technology, engineering and math careers all while developing life skills.

Billion Dollar Regional Ag Industry will Benefit:
Thousands of people and families throughout Umatilla and Morrow County's regularly use Extension and Research services to support and build the regional Ag economy.  Last year alone, the gross sales of agricultural products produced in the region had a value of over a billion dollars.

More for Our Money:
Every dollar Umatilla and Morrow County Extension brings an additional $5 from state, federal and other grant funds to the counties.  Let us support the proven performers!

Promoting Healthy Diet and Healthy Lifestyles:
Hundreds of families in Umatilla and Morrow County learn sustainable gardening skills through the Extension Master Gardener Program giving them more skills to sustain a healthy diet and lifestyle.